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Japanese and Spanish Front Driveshaft Comparison

The Vitara 1.6 and 1.9D/2.0HDi models produced after 1995 are mostly Spanish versions (Santana). When lifting the suspension on these models, it is necessary to replace the Spanish driveshafts with Japanese ones (the Spanish driveshafts are very weak and cannot withstand any suspension lift).

The version of the Vitara can be easily identified by the VIN number: if it starts with the letter V, it indicates Spanish production; if it starts with J, it indicates Japanese production.
However, you should confirm this by carefully checking the driveshafts (the previous owner of a Spanish Vitara might have replaced the driveshafts with Japanese ones).

The left driveshaft is attached to the differential with 3 bolts --> any Japanese driveshaft from a Vitara 1.6 (1988-1995) will fit.

There are two types of right driveshafts for the Japanese and Spanish models: with 22 or 26 splines on the differential side. To buy the correct Japanese driveshaft, you need to remove the old Spanish driveshaft from the differential and count the splines.

Japanese right driveshafts with 22 splines (on the differential side) are easily available because they are found in all Vitara 1.6 models from 1988-1995. The Japanese right driveshaft with 26 splines on the differential side is very rare. It was only found in some Vitara 1.6 16v models (1996-1997) and some Vitara X90 1.6 16v models.

Below is a comparative photo.

How to get a Japanese Right Driveshaft with 26 Splines for Suzuki Vitara I 1.6

Method one:

You will need:

From the driveshaft of the Vitara 1.6, remove the inner joint housing (with 22 splines), disassemble it, and keep only the part that fits onto the axle (without the balls and cage).
Next, from the joint of the Vitara 2.0, mount the inner joint housing with 26 splines along with the balls and cage.

Note: This "operation" cannot be performed with new aftermarket parts.

The photo below shows exactly which parts from each driveshaft are needed.

Method two:

You will need:

From the inner joint of the Spanish driveshaft, cut off a piece of the joint along with the 26-spline section.
From the inner joint of the Japanese driveshaft, cut off the joint housing.

Next, precisely weld the Japanese housing to the 26-spline section.

Use the internal components from the Japanese joint and assemble everything onto the Japanese driveshaft.


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