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Radzikone Guides

Front steel differential

Suzuki Vitara I / Grand Vitara I
Differential cases

Vitara / Grand Vitara I / Samurai
Axle ratios

Suzuki Vitara I / Grand Vitara I
Wheel alignment setting

Suzuki Vitara I / Grand Vitara I
Tie rods ends and tie rods

Suzuki Vitara I
Tie rods

Suzuki Grand Vitara I
Suzuki Vitara I mods

Suzuki Vitara I
Front driveshafts

Suzuki Vitara I
Quick front spring replacement with Radzikone A-arms
3x Grand Vitara - 3d, 5d, XL7 - which one to choose? What engine? What tires?
How and how much cut the arches to fit too big tires?
Zabudowa wyprawowa za 20zł
Zwrotnice przednie
Grand Vitara I


Dawid z firmy Deler wybiera i montuje Lift do Grand Vitary I
"Terenwizja" guide

Suzuki Vitara I
Front locking hub rebuild
How to check wheel offset

Installation instructions

3" and 4" Radzikone lift kit assembling

Suzuki Vitara I
Setting the wheel alignment with Radzikone suspension lift kit

Suzuki Vitara I / Grand Vitara I